Women’s Motorcycle Helmets Guide

Women’s faces are narrower and their heads are also smaller from men in the diameter, for that reason their helmets too, are smaller in size. The style and designs of women helmets are different from men and are designed to be more appealing to women without compromising on the safety of the rider. Thus, the factors contributing to the design of a helmet are same but the application is different.
First of all, you should have a clear of what you are looking for in a helmet. The process of choosing a helmet becomes faster and less stressful that way. When it comes to women helmets, you should consider the following features before buying one.

1. Comfortable

A helmet should fit snugly onto your head and not move around while you shake your head. Also it should not be too tight that you start getting feel your eyes popping out. It might loosen a bit over the time but it should be fit right from the start.

2. Vision

Once doing that, make sure you have an unhindered field of vision in front and from sides. Also your top of helmet should not hinder your vision.

3. Reduce Noise

A good helmet reduces unwanted noises from the surroundings and make your ears secure from the horn noises of the city traffic.

4. Road Legal

Your helmet should be in accordance with safety standards to give your head maximum protection. Plenty of women helmets are attractive in visuals but they are not road-legal. So make sure your helmet is certified with local safety standards.

5. Affordable

Buy the best affordable helmet available to you. The more expensive is the helmet, the better it is. So make sure you have get the helmet in your range without compromising on the quality.
After you have considered these factors, there comes your personal preferences and needs while choosing from the three main kinds of female motorcycle helmets. The pros and cons of each are explained for your help below.

1. Open Face Helmet (Half Helmet)

  • This helmet is often the lightest and cheapest kind of helmet. It offers a wider vision and is more comfortable for use in warm weather. Do consider it if full face helmet makes you feel closed in.
  • This sort of helmet is usually noisier offer less protection to your eyes and face. Also during rain and watering eyes wear out yours make up and mascara.

2. Full Face Helmet

  • This helmet offers maximum protection to your eyes and skin. Noise is fairly reduced and a wide price range is available in these helmets.
  • The cons of these helmets is that they restrict your field of vision slightly more and are also heavier. Can easily make you feel closed in.

3. Flip Top Helmet

  • In this type of helmet, you get choose between open face helmet and full face protection as the whole front of the helmet opens up. Noise is also excellently reduced by wearing this helmet.
  • It’s the most expensive and heavier of the helmets as more material is being used in its making.

So think about what matters to you most start looking into that category of helmets.

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