Mid Range Sun Visor Helmets

Shootout between the HJC FS-11, Caberg V2X Carbon and Nolan N85

This is the mid range sun visor helmets review, the second in a series of shoot-outs comparing 9 motorcycle helmets in 3 price ranges that feature internal sun visors.

This second shoot-out compares the 3 mid range motorcycle helmets with a price tag of between £150 to £250.

Video Review

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Sun Visor System

The V2X Carbon is operated using a fairly sizeable lever on the side of the helmet, and is reasonably smooth when in use. The Nolan system is pretty much identical, and between them you would barely notice any difference in the quality of the system.

The HJC is slightly different and has a top mounted lever which is slightly harder to get to, in order to bring the visor down. The quick release button for releasing the visor is brilliant though, if only slightly difficult to find occasionally due to the flat button.

During the tests we also wore glasses to ensure the helmets had a good fit while wearing them, and the sun visor didn’t knock the glasses when brought down. The Caberg V2X didn’t fit glasses when using the sun visor.

Comfort and padding

The Nolan is quite comfortable during long rides and has a fair amount of padding in the cheek pads, which are soft, however the padding for the forehead area seems to have been forgotten during the design process. It’s quite hard and can leave you with red indents on your head!

The Caberg is similar to the Nolan comfort wise, being that the side pads are okay but it lacks complete padding for your forehead. The light weight of the helmet however does make it more endurable during long rides.

Comfort wise, nothing can be said against the HJC. The HJC FS-11 should be considered the flagship of motorcycle helmet comfort in this price range, the ‘Cadillac’ of luxurious padding. Coupled with the air pump for added comfort, it’s hard to beat.


The Nolan has possibly the easiest to use visor removal system. It is literally as simple as lifting the visor up and hitting the button on the side allowing it to pop out. No fiddly bits, no hassle, which makes it the perfect helmet for visor maintenance.

The HJC is a close runner up with a similar system, however it involves pushing a plate lever rather than hitting a button.

The system on the V2X Carbon is a screw type which involves hunting down loose change and tracking washers which are easily lost.

Wind Noise

The HJC was by far the best helmet when it came down to wind noise. When the visor was closed there was no whistling and the thick padding around the ears helped to drown out the noise at higher speeds.

Like the HJC the Nolan was very good for wind noise, however at higher motorway speeds there was a very slight whistle. Although a minor inconvenience, after a few hours riding it can be quite irritating.

Last is the Caberg, which had some whistling through the visor. Like the Nolan it wasn’t major, but was noticeable compared to the other two.


The Caberg has 2 adjustable front vents, one top and one chin. It also has two side extractors and one large rear extractor. The large extractors really help the ventilation with the Caberg, and with the FogCity insert there was next to no fogging whilst using the helmet even in the depths of winter.

The Nolan is similar, and has two adjustable front vents, along with 2 adjustable rear extractors alongside the main extractor which runs across the back of the helmet. It also came with a pinlock visor.

Unlike the other two, HJC only provide a pin-lock ready visor meaning you have to purchase your own insert. It also has slightly less vents than the others with 2 adjustable front vents, and 2 small non-adjustable rear extractors.

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