High Budget Sun Visor Helmets

Shootout between the AGV Horizon, X-Lite X702 and Shark Vision R

This is the high budget sun visor helmets review, the third in a series of shoot-outs comparing 9 motorcycle helmets in 3 price ranges that feature internal sun visors.

This third shoot-out compares the 3 high budget motorcycle helmets with a price tag of between £230 to £300.

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Sun Visor System

Each of the 3 helmets have a sun visor operation lever that is on the left side of the helmet next to the visor connecting point. The Vision R lever is the easiest to use out of the 9 helmets in the sun visor helmets test.


Out of the 3 helmets the X-Lite faired the best in the comfort test. This is because it’s so lightweight and can be worn for extended periods of time without causing neck ache.

Both the AGV and Shark were very comfortable but are slightly heavier which when worn for very long journeys is noticeable. Apart from this they all have a very similar comfort level and it was very difficult to judge which is why all 3 got 4 stars for comfort.

Wind Noise

Both the AGV Horizon and X-Lite X702 deal well with wind and road noise, the Shark Vision R gets a slightly lower rating due to a booming noise which became quite annoying. The AGV lower front chin bar gets a special mention as this really helps to stop the wind from being pushed up underneath the helmet.


The X702 and Horizon are very close in ventilation performance, with the X702 having so many vents that it’s easy to forget which ones are still open! The clever chin vent lever hidden inside the Horizon’s chin bar helps to preserve the aggressive exterior design of this helmet. The Shark Vision R also performed well but didn’t quite match the other two.


The Shark Vision R has the best peripheral view and really does improve the view of the road, it’s visor is easy to remove and doesn’t involve any awkward mechanisms. The other 2 helmets both have button/lever operated visor removal systems that are simple to use.


With the X-Lite X702 and AGV Horizon equally matched so far it’s no surprise that they also come very close when it comes to fitting. The X-Lite is so easy to put on you can see the amount of effort that the designers have gone to to make this helmet easy to tour with. The inside of the AGV Horizon is well padded which helps the fit but doesn’t quite have the same feel as the X702. The Shark Vision R comes a close 3rd as it feels slightly bulkier to wear.

Glasses Fit

I really like the Vision R and found it disappointing that my glasses wouldn’t fit with the sun visor in the down position.

I think this is an oversight by Shark as the helmet has a special groove in the padding to fit glasses so it doesn’t make sense that there isn’t enough space to fit glasses in behind the sun visor. As for the Horizon and X702 they have no problems fitting glasses, with the X702 having slightly less room but nothing that would affect day to day usage.

Value for Money

While the X-Lite X702 is an excellent helmet it’s the most expensive helmet in this test and it is very similar to the cheaper AGV Horizon. If you don’t like the look of the Horizon then the Vision R is great value for money and if you don’t wear glasses then you’ll have no problems.

For longer tours go for the X-Lite but for Sunday blasts the AGV is the perfect choice. Commuters will find that the Shark Vision R suits them the best if their budget doesn’t quite stretch to the X-Lite.

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